21 Games like Spore – Life Simulation Game (2019)

There are many theories around the evolution of life-form on earth. The very popular, life-simulation, god game Spore tries to depict its fictional theory of evolution of the single-celled microorganisms. As is the case with other God games, as a player you dominate the entire gameplay. The game offers a gripping storyline making it an extremely addictive title. The game also brings several genres at one place including RPG. The game lets you create just about anything you want.

Even though this life-simulation game has a lot to offer, at some point you are likely to get bored. This usually happens when you have explored it all and there is nothing new left to be uncovered. In that case, you might be looking for more games like Spore to have fun with. Well, here is our list of the top 21 games like Spore you can play.

21+ Best Games Like Spore -Evolution Simulation Games

1. Darkspore

Darkspore has been developed by the same company, Maxis-EA, that developed Spore. You may want to consider Darkspore as a sequel to Spore. However, even if you haven’t played Spore before, Darkspore will not appear out of context. Darkspore too has a pretty good storyline capable of keeping you immersed throughout the gameplay. This game is about a DNA experiment going terribly wrong and creating the evil Darkspores, the dangerous organisms. The objective of the game is to create the army of mutated organisms who would fight against these Darkspores. Your organisms are the result of the DNA experiment finally being stabilized. You will find plenty of similarities in the two games. But, Darkspore has many of its unique and improved elements as well. This game can be played single as well as multi-player. It is a available only on Windows.

2. Thrive

Thrive too is a great deal like Spore game. However, this game offers many improvements and uses better gaming technology. Thrive is also closer to realism than Spore, which appeared more like a fantasy. What I really like about Thrive is that it has an open-source platform. This not only means that it is free to play but also that there are various modified and extended versions out there on the internet to play. While you will find many tweaked version of the games, the core gameplay more or less remains unchanged. There are 7 evolution stages you will be growing your organisms through. Thrive also offers 3 different modes for gameplay. All in all, it is a pretty good God game to play. It is available on Mac, Linux and Windows.

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3. Eufloria

Eufloria is similar to Spore gameplay in a number of ways but it has a completely different backdrop. It is set in the futuristic time where your objective is to conquer and colonize planets and asteroids. In order to do so, you have start with planting the seedling from the tree of life called Dyson. But, your job only starts after putting the seedling in the soil. You also have to take care of your colony and defend it from the intruders. You also need to expand your colony into new asteroids. You may find the game a bit complicated in the beginning. However, once you have wrapped your head around it, you will love it. Eufloria is available on Windows, Mac, Linux as well as mobile platforms.

4. Flow

Flow isn’t a lot like Spore but it sure is a great fun to play. But, just like Spore, you start the game being an organism in its cellular stage. The organism is native to water where it grows be devouring other water organisms. You, as he organism, can either go deep down to the bottom to find the food or swim up to the surface. Flow isn’t as elaborate as Spore but it is still quite popular. You can spend hours playing this game. It is available on a wide range of platforms including Mac, Windows and PS3. You can download the game and play it offline and also play it online.

5. Planetoid 3D

As the name suggests, this game is more about space than anything else. In fact, Spore too has a stage set in space. Panetoid 3D could be a great alternative to that stage. In this strategy game you build your own civilization in the space and tour various planets. You also need to attack and conquer planets to expand your colony. The game lets you build races, spaceships and a lot more. You can also play this game multiplayer in the co-op or PvP mode. Planetoid 3D is very addictive and if you have loved Spore there is a good chance you will like it too. While the demo version of this game is free, you can buy the full version for $6.

6. Species

Species, much like Spore, is also an evolution simulation game. In fact, it lays a lot of focus on the evolution part. The game helps you understand the concepts and fine details of evolution. It is a well designed game with a simple, easy to use interface packed with tons of features. While the game lets you act like an observer just overlooking the evolution process, you can also be the part of the process. You can use mutation technologies to create your own species through DNA fusion. Species is still in the alpha stage and is being continuously developed. Yet, it is a lot of fun. You can also donate $10.00 or more if you want to pre-order the upcoming installment of the game.

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7. Void Hunters

This is another game which is set in space and borrows several elements from Spore, especially from its initial cell stage. However, unlike Spore, the game does not focus on evolution. Instead, you need to build the spaceships and attack and destroy the enemies. As a player you take control of a spaceship using which you destroy the spaceships of the enemies. The destroyed spaceships give you the advanced tools and parts which you can use to upgrade your spaceship. The game also has a multi-player mode.

8. Endless Space

In many ways the game is similar to Spore but there is a lot more to it too. The objective of the game is to expand your empire and conquer the entire galaxy. It is a sci-fi game that focuses on the development of your civilization. You have to explore your galaxy and its various planets. As the name suggests, it is the endless space. The whole universe is available to you. The game is available on both Windows and Mac. You can play the game in single-layer or multiplayer mode. You can buy it for $30.

9. Endless Space 2

Here is the game that revisits the dark expanses as its predecessor but certainly in a very different way. It has the same setting and setup as Endless Space but with with more features and expansion on the strategies and various aspects of the gameplay. In this game you explore the ruins of the Endless world the people of whose had endless powers. The world has now fallen. The game is completely set up in the fictional sci-fi world. Besides growing the economy and establishing trades with neighbors, you also must fight many battles in order to survive. If you liked Endless or even Spore, do try this game as well.

10. Endless Legend

Coming from the same studio as Endless and Endless 2, this game promises to be one adventurous ride. The game brings many new elements but the basic gameplay remains more or less the same. At the core of it you need to explore the worlds, build your civilization and fight and conquer the enemy territories. The game has a big map largely covered in the fog of war. You need to expand and explore the map for resources. You might also encounter small, hostile factions whom you need to defeat. You will also find many new quests during the gameplay. If you are a fan of Endless series then Endless Legend is a must play.

11. StarMade

If you like the idea of a sandbox game set up in the space, then StarMade is the title for you. StarMade is fairly new and it hasn’t been developed completely yet. Still, I have found the game truly engaging and is a lot of fun too. Being a sandbox game, there is an open world for you to explore. Here, you get to create your own weapons, spaceships and other arsenals. You need to gather resources and once you have enough you can build your military unit to conquer other planets and asteroids. The map of the game expands indefinitely in all the directions. Therefore, there is always something to explore.

12. Creatures Exodus

If you love to play the evolution simulation games then you must also be aware Creatures, a very popular series in the same genre. Many games have been released in the series and all have been successful. Creatures Exodus was also released more than a decade ago. It is a compilation of two games, Creatures 3 and Creatures Docking Station. In these games you have to nurture the organismic creatures and help them evolve into sentient life forms. You can inculcate certain traits into the organisms called Norns so that they develop into creatures with specific skills. While the overall game mechanics remain the same, Creatures 3 is set in a ship instead of the real world.

13. SimLife – The Genetic Playground

SimLife is the oldest game on this list. It was released in 1992, nearly 3 decades ago. However, it is still played by a lot of people and is considered one of the best games in its genre. In this game you create your personal ecosystem of flowers, vegetation, animals etc. You also get to experiments with the genetics and DNA so that you could create new species. But, you need to make sure that your ecosystem is self-sustaining or else it will collapse. You can create new animals too and determine their whole life habits including what the eat, how they live and more.

14. Black & White

Released in 2001, Black & White is also one of the oldest games we have on this list. Contrary to its name, the game is in colour. There are many villages spread across many islands. You can take control of several villagers and go out on quests. Every island offers a unique set of quests and challenges. Your quests are woven into the storyline making it somewhat a linear gameplay. In this God game you are the god of all the villages taking control of everything from their economy to population. Although there are no organisms to evolve, if you have liked Spore, you are going to like this game too.

15. Impossible Creatures

Well, as the name suggests, in this game you create some strange, unique creatures and then make an army out of them. Once your army is ready, you take them to the battlefield to test their mettle. The game is old but continues to be a lot of fun. One of the glaring aspects of the game is the Sigma Technology, which was created by protagonists father whose death he seeks to avenge. This technology lets you combine different creatures and make a single, more powerful creature out of them. The game also introduces some RPG elements, allowing you to have more amazing experience.

16. Osmos

If you want to stay relaxed and laid-back while playing a game then Osmos is the puzzle game that you must try. This game is supported on a wide range of platforms including Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. In this game you need to advance through the levels by consuming the smaller organisms. While doing so, you also need to make sure you don’t come in contact with any organism larger than you or else you will end up being consumed. That’s pretty much what you do in Spore as well. However, the mechanics of the two games are very different.

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17. Creatures – The Albian Years

From the advanced and popular Creatures series is another game called The Albian Years. This title is indeed the remastered version of Creatures 1 and Creatures 2 put together. However, it has plenty of new object packs and life kits. Like the other Creatures games, in this game too you have to nurture the single-celled organisms and help them evolve until they become the sentient life-forms. If you have played the Exodus or any later version of the game before playing this one, you might find it a little outdated. But, if you are starting out with this, graduating to the newer titles will be very rewarding.

18. No Man’s Sky

The vast expanses of the sky and space are for yours to explore in No Man’s Sky. The game combines the elements of action and adventure to offer you an incredible experience. The game is not just about exploration but also a lot about survival. While you explore the galaxy you also gather resources and build your own world. You start the game at the edge of the galaxy and gradually advance to the centre while expanding your world. There will be plenty of quests and battles that will keep you engaged for a long time. It is a must play game for Spore lovers.

19. Cosmogonia

Explore the endless universe, make new colonies and then fight the battles to defend the colonies or to acquire the new ones; that’s what this game is all about. This game is a perfect example of blending strategic gameplay and force together. When you start a new game, Cosmogonia lets you select the amount of resources you want, the size of your galaxy, the game difficult and the color of your civilization. That’s pretty much the case with Age of Empires games as well.

20. Evolva

Much like Spore, this game also lays a lot of focus on evolution. However, unlike Spore, it does not have single-celled organisms but Genohunters. These creatures are very powerful and have the ability to modify their DNA by taking the DNA elements from their enemies. In this game you need to develop your army and make them strong enough to fight many battles. You can choose from different types of warriors, each with unique set of abilities. Evolva is a pretty old game though and the graphics may not seem very appealing. But, it has an interesting gameplay and mechanics.

21. Darwin Pond

Darwin Pond is another game that brings evolution simulation to you. It is a two-decade old game but still is a favorite of many. All you have to do is set the life parameters and then observe the evolution. For the most part it is the observation when you have set the parameters. That is why Darwin Pond does not offer much in terms of gameplay. Nevertheless, it is free to download and hence there is no harm in trying it out.

Spore is a life-simulation game that can keep you glued for hundreds of hours. It is also an evolution-simulation game that lets you take control of the world as a God. Once you have played Spores, you might be looking for more like it. This is why we compiled this list of top 21 games like Spore. These games are not exactly like Spores in terms of mechanics or gameplay. In fact, that is the whole point. They offer new and unique experience to you that you probably could not find in Spores.

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