20 Best Games like RuneScape You should Play in 2019

There are plenty of role playing games out there but not all are as rewarding as the very popular RuneScape. This free-to-play online game has a lot to offer including hundreds of quests, character customization, a vast world and a lot more. RuneScape offers more than a hundred hour of gameplay. But, even with all of it, there is a limit to how long you can play the game before you have explored everything it has to offer. If you have played out this fantasy game as much as you can, you may probably be looking out for more. So, here is our list of top 20 games like RuneScape. Keep reading!

Top 20 Games Like RuneScape You can’t miss in 2018

 1. ArcheAge

ArcheAge will probably be the first to feature on the list of the games like RuneScape. It is indeed one of the most amazing MMO games you will find out there. It has stunning graphics and amazing gameplay. The environment of the game is extremely beautiful making it one very appealing game. There is plenty for the players to choose from in terms of content. From multiple worlds to a wide range of characters to pick from, ArcheAge is a must play game for the MMO lovers. The game is all about gathering resources, fighting battles on the ground and sea, crafting and a lot more.

2. Drakensang

This is another game considered very close to RuneScape. The most amazing thing about this game is that it is browser-based and you can play it after signing in with Facebook too. But, you will need to install one desktop-client for it. The game seems to have drawn a lot of inspiration from the more popular Diablo series of games. Drakesang is one of the most comprehensive online multiplayer games with many worlds and several characters to play with. This hack-n-slash game is set in the medieval times. You have to fight the evil forces and monsters and save the world from their clutches.

3. Rift

Rift is more like World of Warcraft, an extremely popular game in the MMORPG genre. However, the gameplay and other elements bear many similarities with RuneScape too. This game is set in the fictional world of Telara that relies on the five vital elements including Air, Water, Fire, Life, Death and Earth. This game has an engaging storyline and brilliant gameplay. It is about two factions fighting for the supremacy over the world. One is the religious faction and the other scientifically and technologically inclined. So, it’s more like the never ending war between religion and science. That’s why the name Rift.

4. EverQuest 2

As the name suggests, this game is a great deal about quests. Again, this game is a quintessential MMORPG game that allows you to explore a vast world and customize yoru characters to your liking. If you have played EverQuest, this game’s sequel, you will feel a great sense of familiarity. But, the storlyline is different and so are the characters. However, EverQuest 2 is also set in the same fictional world as its predecessor Norrath. Your characters will go on quests and while doing so explore the big world. EverQuest 2 is completely free to play.

5. DarkEden

Even though the game was released several years ago, it still remains as one of the most played MMORPG numbers. The game, as the name suggests, offers a Dark theme and blends it well with the core elements of the gameplay. There is a huge set of characters to choose from with different traits and abilities. The game may be old but it competes well with many other new titles out there. While you mostly play against the game AI, you are also pitted against other online players. The visuals are quite appealing and the overall storyline is engaging.

6. Stendhal

If you would compare this game with the latest RuneScape titles, you would probably not find many similarities. However, this game is similar to the older RuneScape architecture in a lot of ways. It is an open-source MMORPG game that is completely free to play. The game is mostly about exploring the world and getting involved in combats. It has both PvE as well as PvP mechanics for more diverse gaming experience.The gameplay is quite standard as you would expect and yet very exciting. The visuals also look very appealing too. And, there are tons of characters, with different abilities, to choose from.

7. Villagers and Heroes

Villagers and Heroes is another game that comes in the list of games like Runescape for Android. The game has another name called A Mystical Land. It is an MMORPG game, which is totally free to play. There are a lot of things to do in this game. You can explore the vast world and discover new things. What you would really love is that it offers several options to customize your character. There are four classes to choose your character from including Warriors, Hunters, Priests and Wizards. Every class offers special abilities and skills. If you don’t like the games with combats and quests or want to explore something new, Villagers and Heroes is the game for you.

8. Cabal Online

Cabal Online is not necessarily a full-fledged MMORPG game but it sure borrows some important elements from this genre. But, what I really like about this game is that it blends the PvE and PvP mechanics very well allowing to keep up the excitement in the gameplay all the time. Cabal Online is set in Nevereth, a fictional world and has a very convincing backstory. A devastating event is imminent that has the potential to destroy the world and cause apocalypse. Your objective is to prevent that from happening. This game has ltos of combats and quests and gets you involved in the dungeon fights as well.

9. Conquer Online

Conquer Online is also a very old game as is evident from the graphics. Make no mistakes though as it is still one of the most amazing games and hence merits the place on this list. This fantasy game borrows elements from MMO and RPG style of gaming and offers a rewarding environment and game play. Conquer Online is free to play and yet it has a lot ot offer. There are several quests, options to customize your characters, and a vast world to explore. You can also engage in the PvP combats; this makes the game all the more interesting.

10. Serenia Fantasy

If you like to play 2D games with MMORPG gaming style then Serenia Fantasy is definitely for you. This browser-based game is one of the most played MMORPG titles of all time, in spite of being 6 year old. What I truly love about the game is its interface which is not only easy to use but also visually very delightful. And, even though the choice of characters and customizations is limited, there is still a lot in terms of gameplay. The game is minimal in nature and if you are looking for elaborate, involved graphics, it may not appeal to you.

11. Royal Quest

Royal Quest is one of the newer MMO games and offers stunning graphics and an incredible world map. The game world is really huge and there is so much to explore. There are diverse location, landscapes and dungeons. During the exploration you also run into monsters who you need to slay in order to proceed. There are tons of quests to complete as well. This is how you can spend hours without realizing where they went. The game looks a lot like Diablo but you can also draw similarities with Ragnarok too. You can also get involved in the PvP combats if that’s what you like to do.

12. AdventureQuest Worlds

Often referred to as AQWorlds, this game is definitely one of the best alternatives to RuneScape. AdventureQuest Worlds is a simple game with eye pleasing graphics and stunning gameplay. This game became massively popular soon after its release. This installment of the game is quite similar to its predecessor, AdventureQuest. But, it has a different world where a lot of focus has to be placed on the environment and not just the character. There is a huge community of AQWorlds gamers worldwide. The game lets you pick from a wide range of characters from four different classes. You can also easily customize your characters.

13. Neverwinter

If you have been a fan of Dungeons & Dragons then you are definitely going to love this game. In fact, the game is set in the fictional eponymous world Neverwinter from D&D. This class-based game lets you pick your character from one of the five classes. Each class has its own set of skills and abilities. If you are also someone who loves the fast paced and rapid combats then this is the game for you. In fact, combat is one of the best aspects of the game. But, it also has a huge world to explore and discover new things.

14. Final Fantasy 11

Final Fantasy 11 is one of the most successful MMORPG games so far. It has a lot common with the original Final Fantasy game including the skills, jobs, NPCs, and more. This game requires certain level of experience and acquired skills in this genre. This is why it is not really the best for the beginners. But, if you do know what it takes to have a great MMORPG experience then there could probably be nothing compared to FF11.     This game is also pretty old and hence the graphics don’t seem as impressive as they used to back when the game was first released. Nevertheless, it is a good play.

15. Planet Calypso

It’s been nearly 15 years since the release of Planet Calypso and it still continues to be one of the most played games. The most unique thing about the game is its currency, which can be converted into the real money allowing the gamers to make profits from the game play. But, that’s not all to the game. It offers an incredible gaming experience with a huge map and lots of worlds to explore. The game is mostly about crafting and combating the monsters. While the game is free to play, there are in-game purchases that make your experience even better.

16. Koyotl

Koyotl is a browser based game and is free to play. The game has been created by Upjers. I find Koyotl a pretty interesting role playing game. Not only does it have a lot of exciting combats and battles, it also offers many customization choices. The game is set in a fictional world with a solid backstory. The objective of the game is to save your world by defeating Koyotl who is trying to control the vital elements of the planet. There are six races in the game to choose your character from. But, for the beginners only four classes are available. Two classes are exclusive to the premium gamers.

17. Mortal Online

Mortal Online is one of the more difficult MMO games to play. Even if you are MMO experienced, you may find it a bit difficult to wrap your head around it in the beginning. The game is very unforgiving and you have to be extremely cautious with each step. Like the other games in this genre, you have to first create a character. There are plenty of customization options available. Not only do you enjoy the PvE experience but there is a lot of PvP focus as well. You have to skill on many fronts including warfar, casting, crafting and more.

18. Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is a sandbox style, MMO game available only in North America and Europe. In spite of limited availability, it is a very popular game among the MMO lovers. This game has got nearly all the quintessential MMO features and offers an immersive gameplay. The game is about two civilizations who are in constant fight with each other over resources, which are limited. The gameplay is interesting but the plotline is not exactly what you will call intriguing. Also, the backstory isn’t very strong to set the right tone for the game. Nevertheless, it is still a good game to play.

19. Last Chaos

Last Chaos is more than a decade old RPG game. Even after such a long time it is still played by many RPG and MMO lovers across the world. The game is backed by a huge community and that speaks volumes about its success. The game is about Gods against Gods and mortals against Gods. While the Gods are constantly fighting each other, mortals fight the Gods to survive and to stay in contention. From exploring to crafting to fighting battles, this game has all the necessary elements of MMORPG to keep you glued for hours. You will also find plenty of PvP opportunities as well.

20. Eldevin

While all the MMO games are story-backed, the plotline doesn’t always seem very convincing. Most MMO games survive on the hardcore elements and often sideline the story. That’s not the case with Eldevin though. This game has a compelling storyline lending a lot of substance to the game. The game is about saving the world from the evil Tristan who wants to get hold of the Elemental Spheres that will make him eternally powerful. Eldevin has a big world to explore and a number of quests to complete. The graphics are also quite good.

So, here is our list of the top 20 games like RuneScape. These are all fantasy games based on MMO and RPG style of gaming. These games offer you loads of quests, exploration, combats, PvE and PvP features, character creation and customization, huge maps, and endless fun. Go ahead and get started with the game of your choice.