20+ Games Like Roblox You Must Play Before You Die

Roblox continues to be one of the most popular Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games of all time. This game keeps your creative mind working throughout the gameplay. It offers a number of options, tools, and features to keep you glued for endless hours. There is no limit to this game. You can go as far as your imagination can take you.

Roblox is not just about playing the games that already exist on this platform. In fact, it is more popular as it lets you create your own games. The platform makes sure you have all the necessary tools to design your own world of adventure and fun. You can create your personal game world and let other online players play in it. You can also play the games created by the other players. In this game you can interact with other online players from around the world and even befriend them.

Roblox is extensive. Yet, once you have played it enough, you would like to look out for more fun. Perhaps, you may be looking for something like Roblox but not exactly it. So, here we are with our list of top 20 games like Roblox you can play. Take a look.

Top 20 Games like Roblox You Should Not Miss Playing

1. Terasology

This game is quite close to Roblox in a variety of ways. Terasology lets you enjoy the sandbox style of gaming and is a lot of fun. It is an open source game and hence many expansions and mods have already been developed making it all the more amazing. It is backed by a huge community that have already added tons of features to it and many more are being added every day. The game is also quite like Minecraft, which we will talk about next. Just like Roblox, not only can you play already existing games, you can also create new games for others to play. Terasology is totally free and is supported on Windows platform.

2. Minecraft

Minecraft is another MMO game that is considered very similar to Roblox. In fact, even the Wikipedia page of Roblox says that it bears a lot of resemblance with Minecraft. There is absolutely no denying that Minecraft is the most popular world designing game by far. In this game you build infrastructure, farms and a complete world using endless resources at your disposal. Other than crafting, you can also explore the huge world and engage in exciting combats. Minecraft is largely MMO but it also has a single player mode, which is also very popular. Minecraft is available for $19.99 and supported on all the major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox and more.

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3. CastleMiner

If you own an Xbox 360, and use Xbox Live, you would probably already know that CastleMiner is an immensely successful game on this platform. Just like the other two we have talked about, this game also offers you a sandbox style of gaming. In this game you get to choose one of the many worlds available including lagoon, coastal, desert, flatland, and more. CastleMiner provides the preset blocks with which you can create structures, buildings and your entire world. There are more than 200 blocks available at this time. CastleMiner is available only on Xbox 360 for $1. If you loved Roblox, there is a fair chance you will love this too.

4. Trove

Trove is another adventurous game like Roblox that places you in the MMO world and lets you enjoy the sandbox style of gaming. There are plenty of worlds available for you to take part in various activities. You also get to build your own world with various tools and blocks at your disposal. You can choose your own character and even customize it. There are many classes to choose your character from and each class offers unique set of abilities and skills. Trove offers house of exciting gameplay with a lot of things to do. It is totally free and supported on Mac and Windows computer platforms.

5. Cubic Castles

While we have been using the term ‘blocks’ so far in the games above, this game too pretty much uses the same method but calls the building elements ‘cubes.’ The idea is to build your own world using the endless number of cubes available. As the name suggests, you build your Cubic Castles and an entire world. In this game you also explore the world and gather many resources in order to progress. You can create your own game and also enter other people’s games if they allow you to. Cubic Castles is free and supported on Mac and Windows computers and Android and iOS mobile platforms.

6. Block N Load

Block N Load is also quite like Roblox but there is something very unique about it. Besides being a crafting, building and exploring RPG game, it is also a shooting game. This is the fresh concept that was blended with the sandbox style of gaming to give a unique experience to the players. Of course Block N Load focuses a great deal on building your own world but with the shooting thing you get a whole new perspective. This game also allows you create your own maps and environments. There are no classes but you can choose character colors. Each color has different abilities and skills. The game is supported only on Windows and is free.

7. Blockland

Much like Roblox, Blockland is also a lego-like game. But, it offers a fresh perspective and hence if you are moving on from Roblox, you will enjoy this game. The game is non-competitive. This means that you are in competition with only yourself and no one else. You are free to build your world however you like it. Blockland is a MMO game that lets you meet other players and befriend them as well. It is available on Windows and Mac OS platforms and you can buy it for $9.99.

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8. The Blockheads

The Blockhead is another game like Roblox you would really like to play. However, there is one huge difference between the two games. While Roblox offers you 3D gaming experience, The Blockheads lets you create your world in a 2D setup. In this game you control the character named Blockheads. This character builds the world as he pleases using the blocks. You can create new blocks and even destroy the existing ones. Besides that, there is quite a bit of exploration of mountains and caves. The Blockheads is a free mobile game available on Android and iOS.

9. Blocksworld

Here is another game on our list whose name contains the world ‘blocks’. And why not, after all we are talking about games like Roblox. Blocksworld is a free mobile game available only on iOS platform. Like many other games on this list, here you use the blocks to create your world including terrains, buildings, props and a lot more. The game offers different types of blocks. For instance Action Blocks let you lend special abilities and capabilities to the normal blocks. The game is backed by a huge community and hence there is a lot of content to enjoy.

10. Mythruna

Crafting and building is what this game is all about. But, what’s more fun is that this game also brings in a bit of RPG elements. This makes thing really more exciting. The idea is to first create a world in which you can play and have great fun. Once your world is created youcan have enjoy in the sandbox gaming style. Mythruna seems to be an experimental game still under development. This is why new elements are added every now and then. But, there is already plenty of content to enjoy. The game is free and can be played on Windows and Mac computers.

11. Growtopia

Growtopia is a wonderful game that you can surely consider as an alternative to Roblox. What I really like about it is multi-platform support. Whether you like to throw your legs across the table and play the game on your laptop or kill your time during travel while playing the game on your mobile, it offers both the options. Growtopia is supported on Windows and Mac OS platforms as well as Android and iOS. Do remember that it is a 2D game. But, it is still quite a lot of fun. It is free. So, go ahead and give it a try.

12. Kogama

Probably the best thing about Kogama is that it is a browser-based game and it can be played on all the computer platforms. Kogama is also a lot of fun. It lets you create your own games and play them. You can even share your game and allow others to play. At the same time, you can play the games shared by the others. Game designing is one of the most important elements of Kogama, just like Roblox. You can create a sandbox game in the 3D setup. Kogama is completely free to download and play.

13. Build With Chrome

As you may have already figured, this game has got something to do with Google Chrome web browser. You are right. It is a web game designed by Google that allows you to create your own Lego world. However, unlike the other games that only let you pick the fictional or gamer-created world, here you pick the real locations on Earth. The game is integrated with Google Maps and lets you explore the various regions on the planet and build your world there. Build With Chrome is available on computers as well as mobile platforms. Of course the game is totally free.

14. Deepworld

Even though, ever since the introduction of 3D gaming, 2D style has become somewhat obsolete, it still has many fans worldwide. This is the reason why still so many 2D games keep coming. Deepworld is another 2D game with MMORPG elements that allows you craft your world and create your own game. What’s noticeable is that there aren’t a lot of 2D multi-player games. This games manages to offer a truly amazing gaming experience. It is free and available on Windows platform.

15. Kerbal Space Program

Well, as the name suggests, this game has everything to do with what’s out in the space. Unlike the other games on this list, Kerbal Space Program is not set on Earth. This game appeals to those who like the space setup and enjoy sandbox style of gaming. The game is available on Steam as well. The game is about controlling the Kerbals specie operated space program. Instead of crafting buildings, in this game you build rockets and spaceships.

16. Brick Force

There is something about Brick Force that sets it apart from the other games we have seen so far on this list. Like Roblox, the game-focus is a lot on block building. However, there is this element of first-person shooting that makes the game all the more exciting. It is an MMO game where you have to build and protect the world. You have unlimited access to resources and building tools. If you have loved Roblox, you may like this game too. Brick Force is free to play and is available on Windows platform.

17. Secret Builders

Secret Builders is another game like Roblox with the difference that it is designed for children in the age range 5 to 15. Game is a lot of fun but it is also loaded with educational content. The game helps in bringing out the creative side of your kid. The best thing about this game is that it is totally free and you can play it on most of the platforms since it is browser-based. There is a lot to do in the game and hence it keeps your kids busy for a long time.

18. Ace of Spades

Ever imagined how Minecraft would look if it could be doubled as a first person shooter game? Well, that’s what Ace of Spades is for you. It looks a lot like Minecraft where you have to build and explore. At the same time, you get to involve in the first person shooting combats as well. There are plenty of battles to fight in. However, the fights are more about strategy than brute force. The game is truly a lot of fun.

19. Algodo

The first look at it and you might not think of Algodo as a game like Roblox. But, it sure is in more than one way. Algodo is a physics simulation game where you can invent a lot of cool things. There is no limit to what you can do as long as your imagination allows you to. The game is played in the 2D environment which incorporates the sandbox style of gaming. The game is largely educational but there is no denying you can also have a lot of fun. You can create rockets, catapults, buildings, and many other types of tools.

20. MilMo

MilMo is a browser based action game. Since it is browser-based, you can play it on almost all the computer platforms. In spite of being a browser game, it still offers a lot of fun and adventure that many other such games fail to do. The gameplay is very simple and thus it seems it is meant for kids more than adults. In this game you explore the world and complete many quests. You also get to fight and slay the monsters.


I hope you liked this list of top 20 games like Roblox we have compiled for you. These are the games considered to be close to Roblox style of gaming by not just me but many experts around the world. Many of them are not just games but also platforms where you can create your own game and also play games by other people. They are all about imagination and creativity.

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