Presenting You The List of 13 Best PSP Games of all Time

When PSP was first announced in 2003, little did we know it would go on to become such a roaring success. The unit sold millions of copies worldwide in a very short span of time. PlayStation Portable or PSP is a 7th generation handheld gaming console. PSVita, the 8th generation console, came almost a decade later with more powerful hardware, improved graphics and better games. However, if you still have a PSP, there are some games you must definitely play before you say final goodbye to this little gadget. So, here we are with the 13 best PSP games of all time. Keep reading!

13+ Best PSP Games for Every Game Lover

1. GTA – Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is the videogame franchise that needs no introduction. Rockstar has given us some of the best titles in this open world game series. While the most popular games are based on consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, Chinatown Wars from this series is an incredibly amazing game for Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP). This game is also set in a fictitious open world where the protagonist gets involved with the Chinese crime syndicates. There are tons of missions tied to the storyline. And, there are several side missions. There is a huge map to explore. The plot of the game itself is pretty engaging. If you have played the console variant of GTA, you may not find graphics of the game very exciting, but they are still pretty cool – the best you can have on PSP. You are a Chinese young boy in the game who has formed his own criminal organization and is also trying to find the murderer of his father.

Website – GTA : Chinatown Wars

2. God of War – Chains of Olympus

God of War videogame series is also one of the most popular in console gaming. This franchise is exclusive to PlayStation. Chins of Olympus serves as the prequel to the 2 God of War games that had already been released on PS2. This game tells us about the situations that led to Kratos staring the war with the Gods. Just like the other God of War games, this PSP version also brings to you a compelling storyline, stunning graphics, and incredible attention to details. It looks like Sony has created an entirely new combat system for this game. There are many new moves and fighting strategies. God of War is known to present the alternate Greek mythology with lots of drama and spice and this game is no exception. You can keep playing the game for hours without feeling the need to get off it.

Website – God of War : Chains of Olympus

3. Half-Minute Hero

Well, as the name suggests, the game is a great deal about ‘half-minute’ action. Actually, the objective of the game is to save the world in half a minute. This game gives RPG gaming a completely new twist by introducing a fast ticking timer of 30 seconds. In these 30 seconds you have to build up all your powers and defeat the enemy. But, don’t worry! If you fail to achieve the objective you will be given another chance. In fact, you will be given as many chances as you like and as long as you don’t succeed. The timer gets reset if you fail to accomplish the task at hand. You start from 0 second. And, if you do achieve the target, the timer is reset again for another 30 seconds in which you have to fight a new battle and defeat new enemies. So, in other words, the game progresses in the increments of 30 seconds. In spite of offering a unique and unconventional game play, Half-Minute Hero has remained as one of the most popular PSP games.

WebsiteHalf-Minute Hero

4. Killzone – Liberation

Killzone is also a PlayStation exclusive and is Published by none other than Sony. Killzone is one of the most popular first person shooter series on this platform. While these games are all about shooting, killing and destroying, Killzone – Liberation has toned down the rage a bit for PSP. This game looks visually more appealing and less chaotic than the others. Still, I would say, it is one of the best Killzone games I have every played. Liberation is also not exactly an FPS game. In fact, it offers the top-down, isometric perspective that encourages tactical maneuvers and quick action. Since there isn’t the indiscriminate shooting that’s typical of most FPS games, Liberation is also tougher to play. It might take a bit to wrap your head around what is really required to progress smoothly in the game. It requires a bit of training too. This game is more about skills, tactics and tech than oversupply of weapons and ammunition. Even though the game isn’t as easy as the others, it has still been one of the most sold.

Website :  Killzone – Liberation

5. Shin Megami Tensei – Persona 3 Portable

When it comes to role playing games, there aren’t a lot of great choices for PlayStation Portable. Thanks to Personal 3 Portable, you have at least one good option to experience RPG gaming. I have met some hardcore RPG fans and even they agree with me that it couldn’t get better for handheld gaming. The graphics are absolutely amazing. The crisp details, textures, and colors are blended perfectly. But, that is not all. The storyline of the game is highly engaging and characters really endearing. To top it all is the perfect gameplay that makes sure you remain glued for hours. Unlike the other games in this series, Persona 3 Portable has a female protagonist, which lends the game a completely fresh angle. It’s PS2 predecessors, Personal 2 and Persona 3 were good too, but this one has borrowed the best from the both and added more incredible things.

Website : Shin Megami Tensei – Persona 3 Portable

6. Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker

Well, most console game lovers have loved what Metal Gear Solid series has to offer. Move over from console to handhled and here is the amazing Peace Walker title for you for PSP. There is every reason why you would like to put this on the list of best PSP games of all time. Peace Walker has an excellent storyline in the single player mode. The controls are as fluid as ever and the gameplay is just unmatchable. Like the other versions, this game too relies more on stealth and strategy than brute force. Then, there is the multiplayer mode as well that lets you play the game with 3 other players. There are plenty of missions offering you several hours of gameplay. Also, every time you complete a mission, a new content is added to the game allowing you more playing time.

WebsiteMetal Gear Solid – Peace Walker

7. GTA – Liberty City Stories

If you just couldn’t have enough with GTA – Chinatown, there is another awesome portable game from the GTA series called Liberty City Stories. Here you are again with the classic map of Liberty City, a fictitious city built in the likeness of New York (it also has its own Statue of Liberty). Well, the gameplay is quite like any other GTA game. But, it has a completely different storyline and an entirely different backdrop. This makes the game as much (or more) fun than Chinatown or any other console variant. This sandbox style, open-world game has loads of missions and side-missions to complete. You can complete these missions at the leisurely pace as you explore the city and all it has to offer. It is a crime-based game so it may not be suited for younger age group.

Website : GTA – Liberty City Stories

8. Lumines

It’s been more than 10 years since this game was released and it still continues to amaze us. Yes! Even when the videogaming technology has evolved dramatically over these years, there are some games that remain timeless. Lumines is definitely one of them. This puzzle game still seems as exciting as it used to when it was first introduced. Using the the simple combo of lights, sound, and blocks, this game presents to us some challenging puzzles. With each puzzle solved you jump to the next level. Lumines is a block matching game like none other. Several variants were released on other platforms including PS Vita, PS3, and even mobile platforms Android and iOS. However, this launch game of PSP original is still unmatchable. Try it and you will know what I mean.

Website : Lumines

9. God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Chains of Olympus was definitely one of the best PSP games to be made. But, the series has more to offer and probably better with Ghost of Sparta. Greek Mythology has intrigued us all in some part or the other. This game relives a completely different perspective of it with more colors, gore, thrill and action. It presents the mythology in inverted colors where a mortal fights against the gods. Ghost of Sparta is better looking, perhaps more vibrant, than Chains of Olympus. It is prettier and slicker in simple words. In this game, Kratos is on the quest to find Demios, his brother. For all the fans of God of War, this game is a must play. I would be honest in saying that it is not as much fun as the console versions, but if handheld is what you like then it is definitely among the best.

Website : God of War: Ghost of Sparta

10. Daxter

I loved this game on my PSP and I will make no bones about it. It is a bit different, even different from Jak & Daxter for PS2, which it is a spin-off of. It is probably the prequel to Jak 2 although there is no official word about it from the developers. This game is set at the very start of Jak 2. This game is the story of Daxter, a sharp-tongued ocelot who is on the quest to save his friend Jak from the evil baron Praxis. To truly understand the equation between Jak & Daxter it is imperative you must have played the games in this series before. But, even if you haven’t played any, you can take it as an isolated, standalone game and you will still enjoy it.

Website : Daxter

11. Tekken – Dark Resurrection

If you like the games featuring fighting tournaments then Tekken is the series for you. Tekken games have been hugely popular across various consoles. But, Dark Resurrection is a different thing altogether on the PSP platform. Well, the overall objectives of the game remain much like the other Tekken games. You need to participate in the tournaments and win them. This game is a lot like Tekken 5 only for PSP. The gameplay is much the same and there are similar characters as well. But, there are several new characters as well that give you a unique experience. Dark Resurrection is easily one of the best fighting games for PSP.

Website : Tekken – Dark Resurrection

12. Ridge Racer

We haven’t talked about any racing games yet and it would have been remiss of me to have left this one. Ridge Racer is probably the best racing game for PSP. The game lets you choose from a number of amazing racing cars that you can zip across the town. The game also follows a storyline but it is not very compelling. The core aspect of the game, which is racing is, to say the least incredible. It is sure to get the adrenaline rushing in your body. Yes, that’s how immersive the game is. If you are playing a single player mode, you can choose from over 20 tracks. You can also play it online when your PSP is connected to Wi-Fi.

Website : Ridge Racer

13. Final Fantasy VII

Aren’t you surprised that any of the Final Fantasy games didn’t feature in this list? Well, here it is. Final Fantasy is a huge success as a PlayStation console game. With Final Fantasy VII you get to enjoy the same RPG elements and similar storyline. The objective of the game is to defend your world against the evil attacks and also go out and fight the evil trying to take over the world. This title offers a tight storyline and stunning graphics. It is indeed one of the best PSP games of all time.

Website : Final Fantasy VII


There are hundreds of video game titles for the handheld, PSP platform. While some are excellent, others not so good. We have painstakingly prepared this list so that you can get your hands on some of the best PSP games in case you haven’t played them yet. These games should make up for several hours of gameplay. I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I loved writing it. If you have any other favorites, do let us know in the comments section below.

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